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Care Instructions: 

Your puffball may be flat due to transportation or packaging upon arrival. For the best fluffy results just shake or blow dry your puff ball and it will transform back to its normal state. 


First, please check to see if the gloss you want is available under our “Lipgloss” section.

If you choose the “None” option this means that you will only receive the puffball by itself.

If you choose the “1, 2, or 3 Glosses" option, under the “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER” section in your cart state the puffballs name and your gloss choices.

Example: Hottie- Icy & Rouge.

If you don’t state the glosses you want you will be given random glosses of my choice!!

Product Information: 

-This puffball is made from faux fur and alloy (type of metal the chain is made of). It is super soft and fluffy. 

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