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Sun Kissed Bundle

Sun Kissed Bundle

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Our new, limited-edition collection made to enhance your summer look. 


Oasis (a sheer watermelon pink), Coral Ray (a sheer peachy pink), Cloud 9 (a sheer yellow), and Sun Struck (a sheer orange); smooth, and moisturizing glosses that offer a juicy finish. Their jelly like textures will give you the perfect amount of shine without the stickiness.

> Vanilla Waffle Cone lip polish that will provide you with a sweet treat and have your lips ready to be “Sun Kissed”. An exfoliant great for hydrating and moisturizing the lips all while getting rid of those yucky dead skin cells to reveal the natural glow underneath.

> Sunny DaysShersicle, and Sun Kissed stickers are a fun and fashionable way to spruce up your space! Featuring a vibrant blend of colors, this bundle is perfect for adding a little sunshine to any room. So don't wait - enjoy the sun and bring a little bit of happy into your home! ☀️ 

*One sticker per bundle (randomized)!

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